About Us

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Ever since their dad took them on their first fishing trip, brothers Rob and Jared have loved the outdoors.  But now with nine kids between them and full-time office jobs, they've had to get creative to find time for the outdoor adventures they grew up doing together.  Thus began the annual brothers trek- an epic outdoor adventure often involving friends, cousins, friends' cousins, and cousins' friends.

Years ago, on one of their very first treks they planned a 20 mile hike that involved crossing a flood-level river and floating down from the top of the hike.  Although they knew they wanted to use packrafts for the river portions of the trip, they had a hard time finding a place to rent them.  After a lot of searching and some scheduling difficulties they finally found someone who could help them.  All the trouble was worth it though- their first rafting experience was epic.  They were able to make river crossings that would otherwise have been impossible, and navigate through technical whitewater conditions with ease.  It was love at first float.

At the end of the hike, as they floated down the river, Rob and Jared were already hatching plans to start their own company that would make packraft rentals more easily accessible to the outdoor adventurers of the world.  One month later they bought their first rafts and Packraft America officially began.

Our main goal at Packraft America is to share the joy of packrafting.  We want to make the whole experience of renting and using a packraft as simple as possible so you can get outside for your next adventure. We offer online booking, both shipping and local pickup options, and use only the best quality packrafting equipment.  Give us a call or book online today- your next adventure is right around the bend.