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The Packrafting Community

Packrafting as a concept has been around for a while, but thanks to new advances in equipment, the sport has just recently caught fire.  Having a lightweight, compact watercraft that you can roll up and pack with you, weighing about the same as a small tent, is an absolute game changer.  Packrafts open up whole new possibilities to hikers by making rivers traversable and by being able to travel further distances, faster.  No more searching up and down river for better crossings, or praying to the river gods that the CFS will drop low enough for your planned route.  Beyond blowing route options through the roof, they also rock in whitewater, adding a whole extra element of fun to treks.  Fish, surf at the beach, take your kids for a float, whitewater raft, lazy drift over a lake, the list goes on and on.

Here are a few links to others who share the love of the packraft.  Join the crew - get on the water!


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Where to Raft in Colorado - Great article from the Denver Post with details on some of the best rafting trips in Colorado.

Where to Raft in Utah - Visit Utah provides information on great rafting in Northern, Central, and Eastern Utah rivers.

Best Whitewater Rafting in the World - National Geographic rates the top 10 whitewater rafting trips in the world.  #3 is the Salmon River in Idaho (if you're traveling there from the south, our local pickup in Idaho may be along your route!).

The Roaming Dials - Well known Packrafter and huge advocate of  packrafting Roman Dial. Check out his blog, and for the best info out there on getting into the sport pick up his book Packrafting! An Introduction and How-To Guide, available on his blog or Amazon.

Packrafting Glacier National Park

Packrafting in Europe

Luc Mehl's Blog

Adventures with Packraft

American Whitewater - Offers a great search option- search rivers nationwide by state, class, or river level.

River Brain This website is full of information on rivers all over the country. 


American Packrafting Association (APA) - This organization represents the packrafting community in promoting conservation, safety, education and access.  Check them out; join - it's free.  Their forum is an excellent hub as well.

Alpacka Raft, manufacturer based in Colorado - Check out their website.  It is a wealth of information.  All the ins and outs of packrafting.

Utah River Flows

Washington River Flows

Colorado River Flows


One of the best parts about packrafting is that you can sneak up on wildlife a lot easier than traipsing through the old growth, scaring everything away, especially if you're in a big group.  Here's a shot that came from our trip on the Queets River during the summer of 2013.  This herd of Roosevelt elk had no idea we were there until we were right on them.  The mist they threw up was something right out of the Discovery Channel.  Amazing.



Also check out these videos of our packrafts in action: