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What is a packraft?

A packraft is "a small, portable inflatable boat designed for use in all bodies of water, including technical whitewater and ocean bays and fjords. A packraft is designed to be light enough to be carried for extended distances. Along with... collapsable paddles... and safety equipment (PFD, clothing) the entire package is designed to be light and compact enough for an individual to negotiate rough terrain while carrying the rafting equipment together with supplies, shelter, and other survival or backcountry equipment." (Thanks to Wikipedia for sharing their packrafting wisdom!)

How do I rent a packraft? 

1.  Reserve your equipment through our online reservation system or over the phone at 720-924-1806.  We charge your credit card a 50% deposit to reserve your equipment.  Be sure to reserve early as we can book out quickly.
2.  Complete our rental agreement - waiver of liability via email or in person for local pickup.
3.  We ship you the rafts, guaranteed to arrive the day before your rental begins -OR- for local pickup in Boulder/Denver, Idaho Falls, St. George, and Salt Lake City areas, you pickup the equipment the morning of the first day of the rental period.
4.  You have a fantastic trip!
5.  After your trip clean and dry off the boats completely.
6.  On the first full day after your rental period just roll ‘em up and load them back into the box.  Affix the provided, prepaid shipping label and drop off at the nearest Fed Ex shipping location.
7.  Once we receive the equipment, we’ll just charge the remaining 50% of your balance.

What do you charge for shipping?  Do you charge for transit time? 

The flat rate cost for round-trip shipping is $35 for the first raft and paddle, $5 more for each additional raft.  We only charge for the days you use the rafts, shipping days are on us!  Shipping is charged once the equipment is returned to Packraft America.

What if a shark bites the raft in half and eats one of the paddles (or, I just snag the raft on some sticks and lose the paddle down the river)?

If a shark bites your raft in half, the damage is on us (photographic evidence required).  For all other damages and loss, check out the bottom of our Rates and Gear page under Damage and Loss.  Don't stress though, we're pretty cool people and won't charge for normal wear on the boats.  We do ask that you sign a waiver before you use our gear. To check that out, click here.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

If you cancel your rental with less than 3 weeks notice, we cannot refund your deposit but offer the option of rescheduling within the next 6 months without an additional charge.  If you give us at least 1 month’s notice we can try to help you reschedule or simply refund your deposit minus 10% for our pain and suffering (or credit card processing fees).

I'm 6'6 and my friend is 5'5 tall.  Can we both rent the same type of raft?  

Probably not the best idea.  For anyone over 6’ tall (or if you’re hauling a lot of gear) we recommend using the Alpacka Denali Llama.  Those under 6’ tall are often most comfortable in the Alpacka Yukon Yak.  If you’re 5’11 1/2 just go with the Llama- it’s better to have too much space than too little.  However, make sure not to over-boat yourself unnecessarily.  Every ounce counts when packing on long treks.

What's this rental agreement that I have to sign? 

Don't worry it can be completed quickly and easily online.   To sign our rental agreement - waiver of liability, please just click here.

What do you offer besides the basic packraft and paddle?

For full details on our gear, check out our Rates and Gear page.
- All of our packrafts are whitewater spray deck ready (extra $5 a day)
- We also offer Paddles, PFDs, and GoPro cameras
- Each raft comes with a lightweight inflation bag and patch kit